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50+ Years of Engineered Solutions for the Perfect Future

BIS Computer Solutions has been harnessing the power of technology since 1971 to drive businesses towards the new digital era by developing, integrating, and supporting applications, computer systems, and robust networks.

BIS Computer Solutions Inc. was established by Miro Macho in Los Angeles, California, with the idea of building a special company that delivered customizable and intuitive software applications to various businesses in order to streamline processes, cut overhead & operational costs, and improve client satisfaction. That said, as of today, we have successfully installed 1000+ computer and network solutions for diverse industries, including retail, wholesale, logistics, manufacturing, US government, and real-estate.

Every business owner starts their journey with a common notion – to earn revenues. While most of them know how to drive success, for a sustainable future, it is crucial to utilize advanced technology that mirrors business style, sustain growth mantra, and conquer competition without incurring additional costs. The BIS formula embodies 4 important elements to support the thought – Customization, Automation, Human Energy, and Unparalleled Service Support.

From business-centric concepts to effective and user-oriented designs, to agile development, to dynamic implementation, to proactive services - we work as your business partner instead of a solution provider.

Leaders Who Inspire

We are led by visionaries with over a hundred years of combined IT knowledge & certification in various advanced software platforms.

Fast and Agile Approach

Our solution implementation follows an agile approach, enabling you to scale your business efficiency faster & accurately.

Save Cost & Time

We have several ready-to-deploy, partially customizable products that can save your development & deployment cost by 36%.

Our Solutions are Intuitive, Making them Easy to Try, Easier to Buy, and Easiest to Use

  • We know that for a successful installation, a business must have systems analysis, intuitive software, room for customization, training, maintenance, and sales support — all from a single vendor.
  • Hence, the core of the BIS ecosystem entails a web of technology partners, innovation and customer support centers, and human skills that work together to build novel approaches for rapid success.
  • We have solutions that cater to different businesses, their goals, and their end-users.
  • We go the extra mile to tailor our products to meet your unique needs.
  • Our service plans are transparent and customizable, with no hidden costs or end-of-the-month surprises.
  • Our products are supported by the world’s renowned names – IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, HP, Cisco, Intel, WatchGuard, Appriver, and more.
  • We devote a crucial part of each year to understand the business challenges of various industries and create opportunities through powerful technologies.
  • In this millennial era, we aim to help companies transform and compete with speed, purpose, and agility.

Our Story

In the 1970s, BIS began its journey by transforming the industry with mainframe computers and simple terminals in Wholesale Distribution and Retail Management to dynamic, automated software products.

Between the late 1970s and early 1980s, we started moulding our expertise for the next evolution – migrate the BIS proprietary software systems to a hardware-independent platform. Our relationship with IBM allowed us to design applications and install solutions with major retail chain stores including, Trader Joes, Petco and Price Club, the company that ultimately merged with Costco.

In the late 90s, as technology advanced and introduced graphical interfaces, BIS re-engineered its products to take advantage of robust digital communication. The point-and-click selection, 3D displays, menu bars, selection buttons, color mapping, fonts, and navigation significantly eased our client’s operation and run time.

As we entered the millennium, the team continued to iterate on our software products based on open architecture and new platforms. Following extensive research to identify our future application product suite, we entered into what has become a long-term partnership with Oracle.  Soon we became a platinum partner.  Our work with mobile handhelds, as early as Palm Pilot, allowed Oracle to develop a layer of products that included BIS’ mobile expertise.  Today this expertise includes use of iPhones and Android devices with scanning capability to scan bar codes in the services, warehousing and retail markets.

In 2010, we extended our operations to delivering IT and Networking services to address various software, hardware, communication, and infrastructural challenges.

Today, we proudly present to you a phenomenal array of 35+ pre-designed software solutions and 12 specialized services for consumers across the USA.

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