Warehouse Management

Streamline warehouse management process with cutting-edge automation tools, developed by BIS, including handhelds devices for receiving, putaways, picking, shipping, and physical counting.


BIS Warehouse Management System boost efficiency and accuracy with automation and customization.

Functions of BIS Warehouse Management System
  • Automation allows warehouse managers to interact with orders and add shipping instructions, consolidators, and Mater Bills of Lading, right from the dock, to boost precision and efficiency by 50%.
  • Receiving and Putaway function enables usage of handheld devices or tablets to identify best bin locations for placement of goods.
  • Match receiving documents to the Vendor invoices to ensure timely and accurate payments to the vendor.
  • Allows integration with UPS, FedEX, and other sophisticated shipping systems.
  • User Interactive Process module to deal with crisis situation. Every business, at some point, deals with stock shortages and has prioritize order fulfilments based on the situation. The problem is greater when the global shipment is hindered due to port strikes, lockdown, pandemic, and other unforeseen situations. User Interactive Process module helps business mitigate such calamities by enabling users to view products that can be supplied for all orders in house, only partially, or not at all.
  • BIS Order Release module comes to the rescue when customers do not accept backorders, which complicates the decision making furthermore.