Transportation and Logistics Brokers TMS

With its robust TMS, Load-Logix, BIS takes a completely new approach to Transportation Management System (TMS) for carrier brokers and logistic brokers with built-in automation, accounting integration, double brokering, LTL, advanced reporting, expansive truck board management, and real-time GPS tracking.

In the vast world of Logistics, the BIS Transportation solution TMS/LoadLogix is primarily used by brokers that take loads from their customers and refer them to carriers that have agreed to do business with them.  Brokers that deal with carriers, who manage several drivers or independent drivers, have had great success with this application.  Carriers can also manage their own drivers with this application. 


Load-Logix automates manual operations, streamlines internal processes, levels up logistics, addresses real-world truck, load, location, and driver management challenges, and makes it easy for brokers to work efficiently in the ever-changing and competitive logistics industry.

BIS Load-Logix TMS is an end-to-end solution for carrier brokers to manage and track dispatch, customer information, carrier/driver everyday operations, billing and invoices, everything in one place, inside a robust solution powered by Oracle Stack and Oracle Development Framework.

Features and Functions of BIS Load-Logix TMS
  • It eliminates manual entry and re-entry of data and systematizes the process of creating and updating loads.
  • Oracle framework offers a scalable and secure application that scales, adapts, and evolves as and when a business grows or changes.
  • TMS’ core value lies in the instant access to data and information it provides to brokers at all levels of operations.
  • It eliminates one of the bigger challenges faced by most TMS applications: The inability to completely integrate with accounting, which forces companies to inject a manual process into the system to overcome process limitations. With Load-Logix, you can fully integrate with enterprise-level accounting applications, like QuickBooks. Invoices and Payments Due are also aged to insure timely payments from customers and payments to carrier/drivers.
  • It allows tracking billing, carrier advances, driver & carrier payments, payments from customers, and dispatcher commissions. Exporting and importing data to an Excel sheet is as easy as two simple clicks of the mouse.
  • Load Logix benefits businesses of all shapes and sizes at different levels:
    • Information Trackability – Track and view changes made by various users, including driver progress and load and carrier updates in real-time, offering a complete audit trail within the application.
    • Business Scalability – As the data footprint surges, the Oracle Database automatically optimizes and revamps itself to accommodate the increased data load.
    • Application Data Security – The application allows setting up security groups and replicating users to particular groups or modules, making sure users can only access information related to them.
    • Cloud Security – Customer and critical data is prioritized and protected in real-time, 24/7, through Oracle’s latest security tools.
    • Boosted Collaboration – Real-time updates optimize load management by 43%. Create chat groups for accurate ETA.

Dynamic Features of Load-Logix
  • Set up multiple companies and multiple locations
  • Cutting-edge truck board management process
  • Easy load entry, tracking, and management
  • Enable load moves through various stages – initial Load request by a customer, finding and matching to a carrier/driver, approving prices by customer and carrier/driver, load pickup and verified delivery, and completing the cycle with invoices to customer and payment to carrier/driver
  • Commissions for loads are tracked for each dispatcher; commission statements and payments to dispatchers
  • GPS enabled Truck, Carrier, and Load board maps; find a match fast for your customers via the Load board as drivers are completing their destination drop offs
  • Fully-integrated accounting system
  • Advanced reporting capabilities
  • Versatile system program maintenance
  • Multiple-user security control


Take Your Business Forward with Load-Logix

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